Telekinetic prank themed viral shows the potential for the medium in film marketing

A video promoting the upcoming remake of Carrie has rapidly gone viral, after being online for a little over 36 hours. At time of writing, it has clocked 14.8 million views on YouTube and demonstrates that when executed well, a viral video can really get people talking about an upcoming film release.

Titled ‘Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise’, the hidden camera prank captures the reactions of unsuspecting customers in a New York coffee shop. Starting with an argument between two actors playing customers, it quickly escalates when a young woman unleashes her telekinetic powers. Spring-loaded books, remote controlled furniture, a fake wall and clever pulley system all result in some priceless reactions from those unlucky enough to be buying coffee at the time.

We’re no stranger to viral potential when used to promote film releases. We produced the video below for StudioCanal’s home entertainment release of The Last Exorcism, which has garnered 2 million hits to date.

The holy grail of video marketing is the successful viral video. Countless try and fail and only a tiny fraction ever receive more than a million views. So what makes a successful viral video and how can marketers maximise the chance of their videos being seen by millions? Kevin Allocca, YouTube trends manager, outlines three key components of successful viral videos in his TED Talk: Tastemakers, communities of participation, and unexpectedness. Tastemakers introduce us to new things and bring them to larger audiences. Communities of participation respond to, appropriate and parody the material, propelling the original video to new heights. Unexpectedness piques peoples’ interest. It gives it its “shareability” in a world where people are bombarded by more content than ever before. Only that which is unexpected and unique can hope to become viral. What do you think makes a video go viral?

Carrie, starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, will be released in the UK on Friday 29th November by Sony Pictures.


Killer Joe

Available for hire… For the Entertainment One release for Killer Joe, we put together some pretty cool and dark creative for the quad and outdoor campaign


Film 4 Frightfest 2012

We were delighted to be asked to handle the creative work for FILM4 FRIGHTFEST for another year.Once again working with legendary horror illustrator Graham Humphreys. We’ve framed the art within the template we previously established, so that it’s instantly recognisable to fans of the festival. We’ll also be creating artwork for t-shirts and limited edition illustrated posters, which we’ll post up at a later date. This year promises to be a blinder and being the festival’s 13th year, expect a fair few ‘Friday the 13th’nods and homages, like the art suggests…


Mirror Mirror

For the theatrical release of Studiocanal’s Mirror Mirror. We created the outdoor advertising for UK and Ireland, which included a unique, eye-catching bus shelter 6 sheet. The 6 sheet incorporated mirrors and some lovely lights to give passers by the feeling of being the ‘fairest of them all!!’