OTMentertain’s Top 10 Films of 2011


Welcome to our brand new blog!

To kick things off, we thought we’d do a run down of our favourite films of the year. Some were good, some were bad and a few were just down right ugly. After several deep discussions (and by ‘discussions’, I really mean ‘arguments’) here are our top 10 films of the year with as brief a review as we can muster:

10 – Beginners:
A film that revolves around a graphic designer? Why wouldn’t it be our number 1?

9 – We Need to Talk About Kevin
John C. Reilly… Love. Tilda Swinton… Amazing. Scary ass kid that somehow personifies evil… Yeah, I’m never having children.

8 – I Saw the Devil
Amazing, dark, the work of a directing genius. There’s hope for Arnie’s next film after all (YES!)

7 – The Skin I Live In
Almodóvar back on fine form and back with Banderas. Not to mention a third act twist that will shock you out of you skin… *wink wink*.

6 – Take Shelter
Would you like to be stuck in a storm shelter with Jessica Chastain? Just one of the points you’ll be obsessing over and debating after seeing this stunning film.

5 – The Guard
If there were an Olympic event for swearing, the Irish would win gold. What a f*cking funny film.

4 – Senna
I, a grown man, genuinely shed a tear at the end of this sublime documentary which hasn’t happened since I watched Lassie (the 1994 version).

3 – Kill List
Forget about the literal translation of the title or you’ll wonder why the ‘Go Compare’ ad guy isn’t in it. Just sit back and be utterly stunned by one of the best british horror films in decades.

2 – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Why. Hasn’t. Gary. Oldman. Got. An. Oscar. Yet?

1 – Drive
Everything about this film is sexy. Even Bryan Cranston. That’s right. We went there.