Celebrating 125 Years Of British Film

Celebrating 125 Years Of British Film

This year we are celebrating 125 years of British film with a season of thrilling events and activities.

One of the first moving pictures ever developed on celluloid film was shot 125 years ago, in 1890 by William Friese Greene in Hyde Park, London. Greene worked for Thomas Edison who developed the first moving image camera, called the Kinetograph.

Four years later, after seeing one of Edison’s films projected on a ‘Kinetoscope’, a man named Antoine Lumière told his two sons about this wonderful invention and they, working in photography themselves, strove to make something better.

So, 120 years ago, brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière would patent the Cinèmatographe and screen the first ever commercial film, in the Grand Cafe in Paris, 1895. Although it was simple footage of workers leaving a factory and the ‘Arrival of a train’, these moving images left viewers spellbound and paved the way for our love affair with the magic of cinema.

In 2015 the history of British film will be 125 years old. To mark this occasion OTMe is joining with British film industry leaders to create events and content to celebrate the magic and wonder of British film.


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